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On Photography & Conceptual Art.

“Conceptual art and its theoretical framing would at one time have been construed as announcing the demise of the privilege, if not the bare sensory necessity, of the aesthetic reception of works of art, in so far as the locus… Continue reading

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One off: Jean-Siméon Chardin

  Portrait of Madame Chardin, 1775 by Jean-Siméon Chardin “Chardin’s genre paintings, like Vermeer’s before him, go much further than that. By a technical feat which virtually defies analysis — though one writer has remarked helpfully on Chardin’s characteristic choice… Continue reading

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Bedford on Photography

 ”How Demand’s photographic methods actually operate in the context of his conceptual scheme gets distinctly short shrift. Instead, the currency of his practice is defined by the various stages of production that precede the execution of the photographic image. In… Continue reading

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