The Seeming, by Muriel Rukeyser

Between the illuminations of great mornings
there comes the dailiness of doing and being
and the hand as it makes as it brightens    burnishes
the surfaces    seemings       mirrors of the world

We do not know the springs of these colored and loving
acts     or what triggers birth     what sleep is
but name them as we name bird-wakened morning
having our verbs of the world
to which all action seems
to resolve, being

to go, to grow, to flow, to shine, to sound, to glow,
to give and to take, to bind and to separate,
to injure      and to defend

we do not even     not even know why we wake

but some of us showing the others
a kind of welcoming
bringing a form to morning
as a woman who recognizes
may offer us a moment and the names
turning all shame into a declaration
immediately to be followed by
an act of truth
until all seemings are
we see in a man a theme
a dream taking over
or in this woman going today who has shown us
fear, and form, and storm turned into light
the dailiness of our being and doing
morning and every time the way to naming
and we see more now coming into being
see in her goings as in her arrivings
the opening of a door

Muriel Rukeyser “The Seeming” in The Speed of Darkness

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